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Knowledgebase : LIYU SC631/SC1361
UPDATE: INSTALL THE STABLE VERSION 1.95 AND USE \"USCUTTER\" SETTINGS. YOU DO NOT NEED TO USE THE PATCH ANY MORE. Follow these instructions for the moment. We are in the process of getting the drivers named as ukcutter in future. This is a temporary...
DRIVER FOR SC631 AND SC1361 MACHINES BOUGHT BEFORE 22 SEPT 2011. Machines purchased before 22 Sept 2011 have Winhead chipset.
To adjust of pointer offset put the pen in and Put a piece of paper at the starting position. 1. Press Reset > then pressthe Right direction key very quickly and hold. 2. push the pen down to make a mark on the paper. 3. Use the arrow key mov...
The part from 2:02:00 to 3:24:00 of this video shows how to set up the blade holder. [1] Links: ------ [1]
Hi there, Watch the video for easy tutorial:
This manual will show step by step visual representation of how the software needs to be installed and how to configure the plotter.
MANUAL, DRIVER FOR SC631 AND SC1361 MACHINES BOUGHT AFTER 22 SEPT 2011. Machines purchased after 22 Sept 2011 have FTDI chipset.
The problem you have reported may be caused by several things. 1. Communication loss, we recommend you check your usb port to see if its properly secure and not damanged. usually by replacing it, usually solved most communication problems. 2. Static ele...
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